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Book Poetography-Thirty Thousand Words: A Collection Of Poetography

Book Poetography-Thirty Thousand Words: A Collection Of Poetography

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On these pages you will find reprints of the author’s Poetography Art Creations.

Her original poetry combined with stunning images is a unique and emotion evoking experience.

Prints of each art piece are available for purchase in a variety of sizes and options at in our Artsy Fartsy section. All Poetography is offering FREE shipping!

Note: due to the constraints of medium, sizes and other factors, the Poetography Art Pieces will differ in some way from the pieces in this body of work.

From the author: This, as everything that I approach, is a mod-podge of musings about everything in life. Do not read these words thinking you will come away with an understanding of who I am. Many things that pop into my head are not representative of me, but rather an empathy for all people in all walks of life. I am a Gemini, therefore I am complex and yet extraordinarily simple. Peace, love and happiness.

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