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Book Children's-He's Got The Moves Because He's Jagger

Book Children's-He's Got The Moves Because He's Jagger

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These books present a brand-new publication style for the reader/recipient and the parent or giver.

They contain coloring pages in the back of the book and a page for each coloring page that allows the recipient the opportunity to create their own image.

What a creative and unique way to preserve those precious memories of childhood drawings. It can be passed down from the adult to the recipient as a cherished keepsake for generations to come.

Much better than sticking them on the refrigerator and then worrying about how to preserve them.

They will not get crumpled and deteriorate and you will always know where they are!


The more we talk about things and normalize them, the more kids feel comfortable about themselves and their trials. It is always a relief to know that you are not in a situation alone and that you have a village supporting you. Faced with the onset of alopecia totalis and the cruelty that can sometimes come from others  not understanding a condition, this little boy shines like a brand-new penny! This book is aimed to help those with alopecia feel comfortable about themselves and those who do not have it to gain an understanding and compassion for those who do.

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