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Book Children's-Adventure #2 Mike E. Meanderer Meets The Cow In The Flannel Nightgown

Book Children's-Adventure #2 Mike E. Meanderer Meets The Cow In The Flannel Nightgown

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These books present a brand-new publication style for the reader/recipient and the parent or giver. They contain coloring pages in the back of the book and a page for each coloring page that allows the recipient the opportunity to create their own image.

What a creative and unique way to preserve those precious memories of childhood drawings. It can be passed down from the giver to the recipient as a cherished keepsake for generations to come. Much better than ticking them on the refrigerator and then worrying about how to preserve them. They will not get crumpled and misplaced and you will always know where they are!

Note: You will see that the first book in this series is rather sad. I think there are many children who can relate to the loss of a parent. For those who cannot, this will hopefully help them gain compassion for those who do. I believe that children are able to understand complex thoughts and emotions and this is just preparation for life. Please do not judge the rest of this series by this first book alone. (check out, "Mike E. Meanderer Meets The Cow In The Flannel Nightgown) It is a glorious introduction into a life that is so wonderful for Mike E. and shows how he makes the best of an unthinkable situation.

Summary: Children should view life as a grand adventure and this book shows how to do that. This delightful series is designed to teach children lessons about life and helping each other. In this first adventure, Mike E. Meanderer and his mother must move to the country after losing his father. It is important for children to understand that the family unit consists of many variations. Mike E. Meanderer and his mother find strength in the love that they share for each other and for Mike E.'s dad. This move is just the beginning of Mike E.'s many adventures as he finds healing through helping others around him.

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