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Poetography Art Prints Life - Woodstock

Poetography Art Prints Life - Woodstock

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These unframed Art Prints are a Digitized Ink Co. ™ original.

They are a unique way to represent yourself throughout your Home Office or other workspace.

Your purchase helps support an artisan.

Read full poetry below.

Poetry is copyright protected and the sole intellectual property of the author, Christine K Trease.

There are three sizes to fit all of your needs.

Thank you for considering my art.




I did not see, I do not know,  

But Woodstock lives inside my soul  

I was too young, I could not see  

First-hand the peace and unity  

Yet I live the moments every day  

The songs they sang, the words they’d say  


Jimmi’s patriotic throng  

His own take on our country’s song  

The Star-Spangled Banner was never as grand  

As when his guitar cried over the land  

It sang it’s rendition as proud as could be  

Even Lady Liberty fell to her knees  


Janice Joplin on Day two  

Sang her heart out on Kozmic Blues  

Then she graveled out Summertime  

It took a little piece of her heart and mine  

Her Ball and Chain couldn’t keep her down  

She showed herself as the best around  


Crosby, Still with Nash and Young  

We’re scared shitless before they’d begun  

But yes, they turned out none the less  

And gave us Marrakech express  


Jefferson Airplane hours delayed  

Took the stage, they sang and played  

White Rabbit and the likes thereof  

Don’t You Want Somebody To Love   


The Weight of the program was The Band  

And CCR as proud as Mary can  

Santana played at Yasgur’s Farm  

His Evil Ways turned on the charm  

Michael Shrieve’s drum solo, bad ass  

Put the group in a different class  

Combined with Santana, unmatched on guitar  

Set them on a course to go far  


The Who let them know who they are  

With a crazy scene that was so bizarre  

Fuck off, fuck off my stage Pete said  

When Abbie Hoffman lost his head  

And tried to crash their Woodstock set  

But backed off when he heard Pete’s threat  


Joan Baez, Canned Heat and still,  

Ten Years After gave the crowd a thrill  

Richie Havens in an orange robe  

Performed for two hours  

Folks around the globe  

Murmured the praises of performers like he  

And some that had not yet come to be  


Richie remained a permanent part  

Of Woodstock from the end to start  

In 2013 on his final good night  

His ashes were scattered o’er the festival site  


Country Joe McDonald played  

Twice on Woodstock‘s famous stage  

Once in a solo that still resonates  

With the audience and with performing greats  

Gimme an F gimme a U gimme a C gimme a K  

Country Joe became the hit of the day  

Four hundred thousand sang along  

With country Joe turning out the song  

His own war anthem, he had in his bag  

“I Feel Like I’m Fixin’ To Die Rag,”  


Funky Sly And The Family Stone   

Took a rainy stage, all alone  

Just Everyday People to Take You Higher  

The crowd danced to the music truly inspired  

The downpour couldn’t dampen the mood  

As a rain-soaked crowd became renewed  


Joe Cocker jumped on the Beatles trend  

And got by with a little help from his friends  

Accompanied by his group, The Grease Band  

Who got airlifted into the land  

Where Woodstock history would be made  

Let’s Go Get Stoned, they proudly played  


I wasn’t there, I do not know  

But Woodstock lives inside my soul  

I think it knows how much I care  

And if I could wish, I’d wish me there  


Copyright Christine K. Trease 

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