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Digitized Ink Co.

Poetography Art Prints Adult - Wooden Pennies

Poetography Art Prints Adult - Wooden Pennies

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These unframed Art Prints are a Digitized Ink Co. ™ original.

They are a unique way to represent yourself throughout your Home Office or other workspace.

Your purchase helps support an artisan.

Read full poetry below.

Poetry is copyright protected and the sole intellectual property of the author, Christine K Trease.

There are three sizes to fit all of your needs.

Thank you for considering my art.


Wooden Pennies


Tarnished wooden pennies  

Naked ladies wore a smile  

Twisted silhouetted slats  

colored with desire  

Hands clench the money  

that waits to be paid  

For a peep through the wooden fence  

at what cannot be said  

Long lines are rocking through  

the blue-horizon trees  

Love and lust has brought a many  

good man to their knees  

Peering through the knotholes  

at what should not be seen  

Especially not by one as fair  

as a young boy o f fourteen  


Copyright Christine K. Trease  

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