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Digitized Ink Co.

Poetography Art Prints Just For Fun- The Clarity Of An Insane Mind

Poetography Art Prints Just For Fun- The Clarity Of An Insane Mind

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These unframed Art Prints are a Digitized Ink Co. ™ original.

They are a unique way to represent yourself throughout your Home Office or other workspace.

Your purchase helps support an artisan.

Read full poetry below.

Poetry is copyright protected and the sole intellectual property of the author, Christine K Trease.

There are three sizes to fit all of your needs.

Thank you for considering my art.


The Clarity Of An Insane Mind


Every night when I kneel to pray,   

I ask the Lord to keep me this way.   

Through tired eyes and thoughts sometimes hazy   

I ask to remain just a little bit crazy.   

When I wake in the morning, I realize,   

the very moment I open my eyes,   

that my prayer was sincere as it could be.   

I want to remain just a little bit zany.   

What a hum-drum life, like some I see,   

would mine be if I wasn't a little bit daffy?   

How many thoughts would I not have known   

If I surmised what the world had me clone?   

Yes, I know that God hears me and answers my prayer,   

I'm a little bit batty and I'm still here.   

Some think I'm unbalanced, and slightly mad,   

But they've not lived the rich, life that I have,   

Nor thought the thoughts of a lunatic.   

No, I'm not unsound, less hopeful, or sick,   

I know where I'm going with my fanciful thinking   

With pure clarity and eyelids unblinking,   

I trudge myself forth with a purpose in mind,   

To live like I'm crazed, not adhere to the grind.   

It may sound preposterous, but steadfast I remain,   

To see life's full potential through visions insane.  


Copyright Christine K. Trease  

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