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Digitized Ink Co.

Poetography Art Prints People - Unfinished Tapestry

Poetography Art Prints People - Unfinished Tapestry

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These unframed Art Prints are a Digitized Ink Co. ™ original.

They are a unique way to represent yourself throughout your Home Office or other workspace.

Your purchase helps support an artisan.

Read full poetry below.

Poetry is copyright protected and the sole intellectual property of the author, Christine K Trease.

There are three sizes to fit all of your needs.

Thank you for considering my art.




Unfinished Tapestry


I’m just a tattered tapestry who’s endings yet to be

But, I know the final weavings, when I get through with me


I know where I am going, I’ve known it all along

My soul reads like an open book and I am standing strong


Although strands now are broken, and the weave is lost and loose

Its ill effects were garnered from such strange lengthy abuse


But no excuses made by me, no pleading for my mercy

Only facts that conjure up such heated controversy


My tapestry unfinished is a topic of despair

It is my own awakening and only my affair


No other voice can sound out with opinions that opine

The ending of this tapestry, is strictly, solely mine


Winding strands with nimble fingers twisting wefted threads

I work in silk, gold, silver, and other rare, fine dreads


My tapestry will finalize and come together fine

It tells a story start to end of a life that’s solely mine


Copyright Christine K. Trease 


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