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Digitized Ink Co.

Poetography Art Prints Emotions - Darkness

Poetography Art Prints Emotions - Darkness

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These unframed Art Prints are a Digitized Ink Co. ™ original.

They are a unique way to represent yourself throughout your Home Office or other workspace.

Your purchase helps support an artisan.

There are three sizes to fit all of your needs.

Thank you for considering my art.


Read full poetry below.

Poetry is copyright protected and the sole intellectual property of the author, Christine K Trease.




I dug myself out of the darkness

I’d begun to feel at home there

More comfort than I could imagine

Me feeling anywhere


The darkness enables a numbness

That made me feel at home

I did not have to face anyone

I was happy just being alone


The darkness allows a blindness

Of the things I’d rather not see

And all of the worries that plague my soul

I only must think about me


Cocooned in protective layers of black

Unaware of life trudging by

Just me in my black and safe, dark world

I won’t look anyone in the eye


To see the sad I’ve created

And the hearts I have broken along

My journey into the darkness

A place for so long I belonged


Weary eyes then gazed and focused

Into eyes that had seen what I’d done

And reminded me of a place in time

I wasn’t the only one


So I clawed my way out of the darkness

Into a new world of light

So thankful to be alive and to know

I hadn’t forever lost sight


Of things that remained important

And things that made me feel

Yes, I found my way back from the darkness

Back to a world that is real….


Copyright Christine K. Trease

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