We are now an authorized Siser distributor!

We are now an authorized Siser distributor!

We are proud to be Siser authorised vinyl reseller. Every Siser product we sell is a genuine, manufacturer-warranted first quality material. All Siser brand materials, sold by Digitized Ink Co., are obtained directly from a Siser authorized channel and products are handled and stored in accordance with industry quality standards.


Who is Siser?

Siser (pronounced See-Zur) is a manufacturer of high-quality, cuttable heat transfer vinyl & print and cut media used by home decorators as well as large decoration facilities worldwide.

Siser makes materials that you cut with a computerized cutter and heat apply to various soft goods. Originating in Italy, Siser has been manufacturing heat transfer vinyl (HTV for you newcomers) for over 40 years. That’s a long time. In that time, Siser has seen decoration trends come and go… puff, glossy, matte, huge logos, small logos, chrome, glitter and everything in between. No matter what, Siser materials are what stand the test of time.


Siser makes it. Digitized Ink Co. sells it. You design and apply it. Your friends, family or customers love it. Wash. Hang Dry. Repeat.


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